ENRGYM – Boutique London Gym in Willesden Junction 

We are a beautiful boutique London gym offering contract free memberships and state of the art equipment. Our London gym will inspire and empower you to live your potential in the gym and in your daily life. We focus on excellent fitness and wellbeing to ensure you can enhance your body and mind with Enrgym. Work with us to realise your true potential in London while maximising your health and happiness. We add a personal touch to the gym experience so you feel supported and able to ask the gym team anything about fitness or nutrition. Let us help you to find the best ways to improve your health and fitness in the gym and in daily life in London.

FITNESS 12 is the heart of Enrgym and our core message to you in our London gym we give you the skills to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle in the gym

Fitness 12 is a programme of 12 key exercises and recipes from Enrgym to enhance performance in the gym, and improve health and well being. As a London gym we understand how busy you are, so we believe a simple combination of movements will allow you to think simply about exercise and be efficient. We include deadlifts and squats as these exercises are some of the most powerful lifts a person can do in the gym. They work more muscles than any other lift, burn fat and build strength for good cardiovascular fitness and greater potential in our London gym. We also include essential yoga moves and body weight training exercises to ensure strength and flexibility in the gym and in your day to day life in London.


At Enrgym we believe every gym needs a superfood cafe. Choose from our many protein shakes, grab a healthy snack or even take a superfood meal with you to work.  We have designed our London cafe with you in mind so it is a relaxing space for you to refuel after your workout in the gym. Come to Willesden Junction to receive the best nutrition and fitness advice to help improve your performance in the gym. In our Enrgym cafe choose between delicious home- made healthy snacks from local London brands, the freshest juices, protein shakes or amazing salads homemade by Enrgym.

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